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28 of August

Yellow Brick Road to Success

By Rachael Markovic

As a child, we dream of being something big or doing something great. How often do these dreams become our life goals? We’ve all heard about people “growing-out-of” childhood dreams but why haven’t we heard anything about “growing into” them.

Growing up, I have always carried an undeniable passion for animals, especially horses and dogs. I spent every single school break at a riding camp going every day trying to learn something new. As I got older, I started to educate myself in different ways… instead of getting my Sci-Fi novels I started reading farm management books and learned about floor plans and strategic management skills. I took my knowledge to the next level. I learned about different tactics and I began planning and drawing out my future.

After graduating highschool, I still wasn’t sure of what field I wanted to pursue. And many of us have faced this question growing up. “Who do you want to be?” Notice how it’s always changing. For me, there’s a wide range of animal related careers that interested me but which was the one? Finally, life happened and I didn’t go down the exact path I had planned, but in fact a better one. As I gained more experience in the work force, I started learning the business side of things which later helped me realize more opportunities.

Life has obstacles and each rock you hit on your road to success is just another brick on your yellow brick road to success.

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