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21 of August

Love What You Do!

“The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.”

–Steve Jobs

Thank you for the quote Steve Jobs! It’s Monday and sometimes you need to remind yourself that you love what you do. Life can get a little crazy and we can forget that important fact. Especially on a day like today the first day back to school…bum bum bum. Good luck to all the parents and teachers!

The saying goes if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe that saying is partially true, because sometimes you need to work hard in order to get to that place that you love.  Working hard sometimes comes with sacrifice, and within that we forget the love that we have for our jobs. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are most careers, business, and empires.

And then there are the people that just haven’t found what they love to do. Majority of American’s don’t love what they do, they just like it.

Within an article I found they sum it up perfectly.

“So if your boss doesn’t appreciate you, you’re underpaid, your company isn’t ideal…that can be OK, for now. They aren’t the key evaluators in your life. You are. Do your job well for YOU.
Even if you don’t like your specific work, or the work environment you are in, you can love the way you do it.” –Jim Bird

Don’t let the unhappiness or the lack of love for the job, take away from your success. There is a path that we lead, but it’s our choice to pave it. Make the most out of where you are and what you’ve got, because that drive can lead you to a future where you might just love what you do!

And for those who love their jobs here is how you truly know.

7 signs you love your job



Love is in the air. And in a lot of ways, job searching is almost like dating. You put yourself out there and it has to be at the right time. Then, it’s you like them. They like you. You interview. Repeat. That’s the cycle until you find your match. But once you do, it just might be everything you’ve been looking for.

Check out these seven signs that you’re totally in love with your job!

1) It’s the first thing you think about in the morning…

You’re one of the few people who actually doesn’t resent your alarm clock because you know it’s almost time to work. On most days you wake up before the alarm goes off, ready to tell your coworkers about your awesome dream where you came up with an improved way to get customers in the door.

2)…and the last thing you think about at night.

It’s always hard to sleep at night when all you want to do is get back into the office. But, you are also anxious to snooze because it means you are that much closer to going back into work.

3) You consider all your customers to be your Valentine, and wish you could give every one of them a gigantic teddy bear.

As an added bonus, your love for them shows and they are constantly telling your employer just how awesome you are.

4) You’re pretty sure your friends are jealous about how much you enjoy your job.

If there’s one thing you love to do (other than working), it’s talk about working. And everyone knows it. But, your enthusiasm and passion is so contagious that no one can get too annoyed with you.

5) You’ve never thought about even looking to see what else is out there.

Sure, other employers have made a move to get you on their team, but you’ve never given it a second thought. You know how good you have it and like your mom always told you, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

6) You can’t imagine life without your coworkers

Boyfriends/girlfriends come and go, but there’s nothing quite like that bond between coworkers…and your coworkers know how much you appreciate them. Your lemon bars are pretty legendary in the break room.

7) Nothing makes your day more than your boss telling you what a great job you’ve been doing.

Whether it’s a high-five, an employee of the month award or an awkward fist-bump, when you’re passionate about your job, your boss definitely takes notice. Just by loving your job you’ve impressed everyone with your work. There’s even a rumor going around that you will soon get your own parking-spot as they’ve ran out of accolades to give you.

Work never quite feels like work if you’re loving what you do, not to mention you’ll do a better job.


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