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14 of September

What inspires you?

By Alicia Brickey

What inspires you? Inspiration is the foundation needed when creating anything spectacular. When someone is hit with a muse and step out of their comfort zone, amazing things can be created. However, finding inspiration in times of need can sometimes be challenging. If you ever find yourself lacking passion, the key to the gate holding back amazing ideas is not too hard to be discovered.

Reconnect with your dreams. In as much detail as possible, try to describe what you’re going to achieve one day. Sit down with a close friend, or open up to your journal. Use fiery adjectives that exemplify your excitement toward fulfilling your passion. Think of this dream in a new light, look at it in the perspective of a CEO, or an entry level trainee. Try to reconnect by thinking differently.
Get creative. Take a break from critical thinking and give your left side a break. Use the right hemisphere to get imaginative and hands on; creative writing, DIY crafts, finger painting, sculpting, or even pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite artist on repeat. Anything that will get those “creative juices” flowing.
Turn denial into drive. Let your fear fuel your passion and use reflection to build resilience. Take all your fears, reservations, and doubts and use them as tools that will build self-esteem. Be able to take from rejection, mistakes, and failure and use these experiences as a personalized guidebook; so when it comes to the “next time around”, you will be able to adjust and fix anything that will better execute your plan.
Give power to positivity. Always be mindful of destructive thinking. When out of your element, it’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. Turn phrases like “I’m never inspired” and “I always feel stuck” into jolts of positive thought by rethinking and rewording. Try a personal uplifting approach like, “Today’s the day I’ll be inspired” and “Today I will push!”. Check your thinking to protect your creativity, passion, and future. “Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness.”
At my first Fireside Chat, Chelsea Cooper and Alexa Rose Carlin spoke about the rewards and challenges that arise through becoming a female entrepreneur. A business owner or not, we are all faced with many trials and tribulations in life. It’s all about how we let those experiences mold us as human beings. Alexa Rose Carlin, a certified holistic health coach, motivational speaker, and founder of Hello Perfect, went into Septic Shock and was put in a medically induced coma in 2013. When waking up in the ICU, it wasn’t long before Alexa realized her life had changed forever. Upon understanding that she was no longer in control of her body, Alexa took complete control of her mind by envisioning a glowing pink light, filled with health and vitality, while the rest of her body was “dark, black, and rotten”. She imagined this light being pushed through her body, encapturing the decay, and not just bringing health, but light back into her life during this dark time. Today, Alexa is a Sepsis survivor and there’s no doubt that the power of her mind and positivity had an apparent role in her recovery. Alexa was able to find inspiration in a desperate time of need by building herself a tool that completely changed her mindset and created inspiration, which led her to success: the key component of triumph in entrepreneurship.

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