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2 of July

The Art of Negotiating

The principles for successful negotiation!

Brought to you by the Collective Group

Being successful within the world of business can be extremely difficult especially if you have not yet mastered the art of negotiating. The term negotiation tends to hold a negative connotation in some people‚Äôs mind where they associate it with losing. The truth is, when negotiations are successful all parties win. We asked the members at Collective Ventures to give us their tips on how they successfully manage to negotiate in the business world as well as successfully negotiating in their daily life. Everyone agreed that negotiations is something we are doing daily, and successful negotiation could lead to positive potentials. 

We assessed some of the key points in negotiations including knowing the value of the negotiated object, effective communication and knowing your base line. When negotiating, the end results should lead to both sides winning and everyone leaving the table happy which leads to potential business relationships that can be used in the future. Another point is being clear on the item you want to negotiate on, Brock from Boatyard shared a parable of two chefs and an orange, many components of negotiation were revealed;

Two chefs needed an orange, however only one orange is available. They decide to cut it in half and go on about their day. However, Chef One needed the rind of orange and Chef Two only needed the juice. This simple parable encompassed a number of key points in negotiation the most important being communication. 

Negotiating is not a scary detrimental interaction as long as you have a strong stance, know your baseline and know what you want the negotiation to lead to. 

Negotiating is simply an interaction between or among people to facilitate a positive outcome. (Nobody should do the deal otherwise!)

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