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30 of May

CBD and Coffee

By Rachael Markovic

Have you ever paired coffee with one of your favorite pastries? Well, this is a new kind of relationship where you don’t have to worry about feeling a sugar rush or overcaffeinated. The millennials are saying it’s a new innovative way to enjoy your coffee with a slight twist.

The topic has been controversial over time but we’ve brought the choice to you. We have partnered up with a well-trusted company that lives by the principle of providing products that are as clear as the difference it makes in your day. From a CBD Energy shot to a water soluble oil that you can use to infuse into your favorite drink, we’ve stocked up on the best products to help with disrupted GI tracts or problems absorbing nutrients.

Their products have been used to help relieve anxiety, people with neurodegenerative disorders, seizures, nausea, pain relief, diabetes, acne, smoking, cardiovascular diseases, and even suppress the growth of cancer cells. 

Hemplucid partnered with some of the most powerful people in the industry to provide the most effective and purest whole-plant CBD available. Using nanotechnology and years of genetic breeding the whole-plant CBD that they use produces a strand that is low in THC, but high in CBD.

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