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28 of February

A Boost of Spring

By Xiomara Olaya

Ahhh, Spring! The flowers are blooming, the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. As the clock springs forward, the sun goes down later, giving us more time in the day to be creative and productive. All of the seeds that were planted in the previous months begin to bloom and suddenly, your schedule is PACKED!  For times like these it is important to stay focused and caffeinated. This season, we are introducing three new barista-inspired beverages to help fuel and energize your days.

March will feature a rich Irish Hot Chocolate “mocktail” inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. This delicious cup of gold will have you marching straight into the season! The bitter-sweet mixture of rich espresso, cocoa, Bailey’s Irish Cream will have you smiling and buzzing through your busiest days!

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