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5 of April

You too, Have the Power to Change

by Ariana McGuire

As human’s we tend to become comfortable in the ways that we choose to live, make decisions, and go about things. We are continuously acquiring habits which bring comfort to our individual styles of living. We can often mold our tendencies and habits based around situational factors, which can sometimes lead us to picking up habits that can leave an impact on us in the long run.

Why do we acquire these habits in the first place? Whether negative or positive, individuals tend to acquire habits based off of our desire to find routine, structure, and comfort. To bring order to our lives, or on the opposite spectrum, chaos. As time passes, these habits can slowly become so ingrained in our way of living that our day to day lives can be affected by them.

Caught between comfort and the fear of changing, when we allow ourselves to depend on these habits as a means of gaining comfort we don’t realize the affects it can have on our personal growth. Despite these routines having the ability to negatively affect and influence our lives, we deeply fear changing these ways because of the comfort it has brought to us, and the normality that it has become.

This fear of changing our ways that we have grown accustomed too can be detrimental to our growth and our opportunities of a better life. While it is easier said than done, once we are able to come to terms with the fact that we have the ability to choose, we realize that the power of change is in our hands. We have the opportunity to mold our lives based off of our decisions and the ability to change. We should not fear this change, but rather look at it from an opportunistic perspective. Breaking ties with the habits and comforts we choose to acquire can be difficult, but our ability to choose determines the nature of either a positive or negative lifestyle. Once you have come to the realization that it is entirely up to you to make the decisions which have the ability to positively enhance and improve your life, you too, have the power to change.

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