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6 of April

The Importance of Proper Communication

By Rachael Markovic

I can’t stress enough how important language is when communicating with people. It can be the very thing that determines your place in someones mind. Whether you’re meeting your best friend for coffee or speaking with your future boss, having eloquent speech is of the upmost importance. When we speak, we’re using the sound of our voice to communicate a language between you and the other person that allows a certain understanding to take place. It enables to the other person to grasp the idea you’re trying to explain. People like being understood and listened to. If you show that you have grasped the idea they’re trying to express it will help move the conversation forward. In business situations, these moments are crucial in determining whether the company is right for your needs. How can you expect a creative team to capture and create an image without being able to describe it first? It’s impossible. The image has to be expressed in a way that allows the creators to envision it and then transform this thought into reality.

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