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15 of March

Venture Highlight – SEO Guys

by Ariana McGuire

SEO Guys

Venture Highlight is a weekly segment where we highlight a chosen venture of our Creative and Tech innovation center!

1. First and foremost, what is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the act of optimizing your website so that it organically appears at the top of the search engines, I.e.: the first page. Through SEO, we use methods and strategies that ultimately will gain exposure, increase revenue, and create brand awareness.

2. Where did the idea for your business venture begin?
The idea for SEO Guys began when I began working on building websites, soon to discover that the websites were not appearing on the first page, after some research I found SEO and it all began after that.

3. Would you say SEO significantly helps to gain exposure, increase revenue, and create brand awareness? Why?
Yes, it absolutely does. By being on googles first page you are getting found by hundreds of local customers, looking for the services you have to offer.

4. How do you market your business?
I use SEO for my website and LinkedIn has been great for marketing. I try and attend a few networking events from time to time, but much of my business has been inbound.

5. How have you gotten most of your clients?
Oddly enough, referrals. Followed by SEO for the SEO Guys website, and then LinkedIn.

6. Whom do you seek advice from for your business? Why?
My 4 mentors are: My father; Edmond Laloshi, Brian Jacob; Owner of Collective Ventures, Pastor Paul, and John David Perry; my martial arts instructor. These 4 individuals have a tremendous amount of life and business experience which has greatly impacted and shaped SEO Guys.

7. How do you gain a successful client base in SEO?
Communication and amazing results. Amazing results are often hard to describe and prove. But I provide monthly documents that outline exactly what has changed, whats been done, and how it impacts the client.

8. Tell me about a significantly profound moment that happened for SEO Guys? Why?
Collective Ventures, without a doubt. We were able to provide clients with all the resources and tools to enhance their own business and SEO Guys grew significantly with the mentor-ship given to our business. When I am able to give a client a graphic update, a landing page adjustment, new headshots & photography, the client is all the more likely to be a long standing customer.

9. What is the greatest strength of SEO Guys?
Being a part of the most exclusive SEO groups in the world, which provides me with education about our craft. Things change constantly, and without my groups and our constant desire to learn, our services would be left second to others. So at SEO guys we pride our selves in the knowledge of  ever changing SEO techniques.

10. What are your company goals for 2017?
For SEO Guys to become one of the most notable SEO companies in Ft. Lauderdale, and the Broward County.

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