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13 of March

A Technological Revolution

By Ariana McGuire

With the complex advancements in technology over the past decade we have reached an outstanding point in what we could call our fifth and most extreme technological revolution.

According to Bill Gates from the Code Conference 2016 in Southern California, the “AI dream is finally arriving” – and that it is. Despite the concern surrounding the great possibility of robots outsmarting their makers. Would this be considered a dream? If we are not careful it can soon enough become our worst nightmare.

In the next decade we could expect things like keeping up with text messages and notifications to be managed by what Gates calls “alter-ego software” which will present to you only what it thinks you will find valuable based off of new information taken from personal interests. We have made enough progress in technology to expect similar processes to be streamlined by machinery.

Artificial intelligence is expected to play a pivotal role in our society, striving towards things such as filling positions for driving and warehouse jobs. If we do things right, in the beginning, the AI will not be extremely intelligent, but instead do more jobs for us. As we move forward a few decades into the future and AI becomes smarter, it can become a concern for humanity. Although the concern is far into the future, it will be extremely important how we choose to handle and manage these advancements in technology so we can continue progressing into further-advanced technology-driven generations.

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