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15 of February

To Be an Influential Leader

by Ariana McGuire

It takes a handful of the right skills and attributes that come to form an influential leader. Some say things such as honesty, selflessness, strong communication skills, confidence, and assertiveness are pivotal skills and characteristics that make any great leader.

Some of the greatest leaders I have come to know were strong individuals before they were able to lead a group. While it is always important to lead by example, leaders must be conscious enough to constantly live by this. But before you can lead a herd, you must be able to first lead yourself.

A great leader is created through practice, experience, and through failure. Some of the greatest leaders may take time to sharpen their communication skills so that ideas and thoughts can be better executed. Some may take time to have a better understanding of themselves so that they can then have a better understanding of others. I believe this is crucial for any leader. A strong leader must first come to terms with themselves as a human being, to get a better understanding of why other individuals may act a certain way and or do certain things.

The one thing I have noticed about the leaders that I look up too is their ability to be selfless. True leaders are constantly looking out for the best for people. True leaders seem to be eager to pass on their knowledge, hoping to influence and drive the successful leader in others. I believe this falls under the branch of honesty. Once an individual is selfless enough to understand and take interest in passing on the knowledge they have acquired, one of the most valued qualities of a leader is shown just through that understanding and desire.

The creation of a strong leader is an accumulation of unique characteristics which come to shape an individual over time. Some people are natural born leaders while some may gain the most important skills through experience and failure. I believe there is a leader inside of us all, but it takes a great leader to create a great leader.

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