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9 of August

Quote of the Day

By Amanda Ortega

“Know your worth. There are always more opportunities around the corner.”
-Amanda Ortega

Within your everyday routine, waking up, getting ready for work or if you have children getting them up and ready as well, then breakfast, and boom off to work and drop offs. Within the routine of life you forget something along the way, your worth. It’s an important question that we as either students, parents, or workaholics forget to ask ourselves, what am I worth? It’s a simple question that contains so much complexity.

We all do so much in life don’t forget to live it the way your worthy of doing so. Don’t forget that every opportunity you want can be achieved. Remember you are worthy of having a life filled with all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations met by working hard for them and not settling for less!

So if this quote has inspired you to question and think, take a chance on yourself and go for what you want no one else can do it for you. Be a risk taker, be worthy of more, and cease every opportunity given or earned and make the most out of them.

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