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9 of August

Be great, not average.

By Rachael Markovic

Growing up my mom always told me that life isn’t just about succeeding. It becomes so much more when you start exceeding.

“If they say to do a mile, go an extra mile.”

Outshine what they expect.

She always said that life is full of complications, rough paths, and hard decisions but who comes out on top are those who are most successful and accomplished.

Who you become when you face each difficult situation with a brave attitude is this truly accomplished individual who has reached a whole other level of success.

Set high goals for yourself and face challenges with courage.

If you don’t aim too high, then you end up aiming too low. And if you aim too low, you’ll never end up moving forward.

Start looking towards the challenges that life gives you because there is a lesson in everything we do and if you start loving a good challenge, you will be out accomplishing great things.

Be a great. Not average.

Face your challenges with courage, not fear and when you’re told to do a mile, do an extra one because that’s what will set you apart from being “average.”



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