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24 of January

Hashtags and what to do with them

By Alicia Brickey

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the passed 5 years, you probably know what a hashtag is. If not, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) & used to identify a specific topic on social media. The purpose is to drive specifically engaged, quality traffic to your content, page, and business. For example, when you click on a hashtag, you are brought to a page with all the posts that use that same hashtag. It allows users to search for posts that have a common topic. By connecting the tag to specific searches, your content will become relevant to your target.

For business promotions, hashtags can be a very useful tool because they help increase engagement. Most businesses use hashtags to attract new customers and grow their presence, online and in person. Business blogger Halley Belt gives some great advice for growing your social media outreach through hashtags:  “Before taking the time to use hashtags, make sure that hashtags will fit into your social media strategy. Do you use Instagram and Twitter for business? If so, you should use hashtags. If you engage your customers more through email, then hashtags won’t be applicable to your business.”

If building your social media platform is one of your business goals, do your research! Think of some catchy, roll-off-the-tongue hashtags that flow well with your business content. Try them out and see how many people you reach. All in all, hashtags are an effective way to direct the proper traffic to your content. No matter what, if the hashtags you use are relevant to your target audience, you’ll create your social platform and be able to grow business from there!

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