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23 of January

Family vs. Blood

By Rachael Markovic

People tend to believe that blood is thicker than water but don’t realize that even those you consider “family” can cross youFamily isn’t always blood.

Blood makes you related.

Loyalty makes you family.

Look around you. Family should be the people you can trust with your life, your secrets, your loved ones, and yourself. They shouldn’t be the people who make you feel wrong for being who you are. If you’re proud of what you see in the mirror, then who the hell are they to tell you otherwise?

Spend less time focusing on how to fix things with people who don’t even care to work on it with you. Make your peace but leave it alone. Focus on the positive people in your life. How do they impact your life? Think about it and make a conscious effort to surround yourself with these intelligent and uplifting individuals because they positively impact YOU and remember…

Family are the people in your life who WANT YOU in theirs; the ones who ACCEPT YOU for who you are and who you’re becoming. These are the people who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.

Figuring this out isn’t only good for your personal life. It will be profound for your professional one as well. So many times,  as founders plan new projects or businesses, they truly find out who has their best interest at heart. Families can express their concerns in a way that showcases either their worry about their loved ones’ futures, or indicate they don’t believe their loved one will succeed. Drowning out the noise is paramount to the success of your future. You have to know that “How they believe in you” doesn’t affect your outcome. It’s “How YOU believe in YOU!”

The same can be said about your friends. They can be:
-Jealous of your future, because you are about to outshine them.
-Scared because they will lose your time and friendship.
-Worried about your future & stability.
-or… Upset they weren’t chosen to join you on this ride.

Learn to distinguish Loyalty.
Learn to abstain from family or friends that serve to damage your future.
Learn to succeed with those that contribute to your success.
Learn to choose wisely, when picking those that get to join you on this ride.


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