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9 of March

International Women’s Day 2018

By Alicia Brickey

Women are amazing everyday, but today, March 8th, is the day to celebrate them. International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to courageous and determined women who have played a progressive role in the history of their countries and communities. The celebration recognizes social, economic, political, and cultural achievements. Not only is this a day of recognition, but now a worldwide campaign used as a call to action for globally creating gender equality. Even the hashtag #PressForProgress has become a very strong and growing global movement of advocacy & support of women.

To take a look, on March 19th, 1911 started the first international women’s day. This day was chosen in commemoration of the day the the Prussian King promised voting to women in 1848. In 1913, Womens Day was later changed to it’s current Calendar date, March 8th. In 1975 the United Nations decided to draw global attention to women’s rights. Two years later, in 1977 the General Assembly of the UN decided to invite member states to proclaim this date as the UN Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Since then, the world has witnessed a significant change in society’s thoughts and actions of women’s equality and fundamental rights.

Today is not only to celebrate women hood, but recognize the significant effort and hard work that was put in by these empowering females before us. Its amazing to see the progression, but also disheartening to see how far we still have to go as a country, and a world for fundamental women’s rights. Today, we thank our foremothers who paved the way for us to be the ambitious, independent, successful women we are today. I can only hope for a future where each man and woman can stand up for each other and protect the right to be protected and heard. Never be afraid to break boundaries to make a change for the better.

“International Women’s Day is not country, group or organisation specific. The day belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. So together, let’s all be tenacious in accelerating gender parity. Collectively, let’s all Press for Progress.” –

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