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16 of October

Work for Someone Who Inspires You

By Rachael Markovic

Why does someone simply quit? Why do you quit doing what you love if you love it? It clearly isn’t because of your lack of passion but perhaps other circumstances…

Most people don’t realize that 75% workers who have voluntarily left their job are because they quit their boss, not the actual position itself.

I personally won’t work for someone who feels it is necessary to point out their title and express their authority over others like it’s a competition. Luckily, I found myself in a place where minds are encouraged to think, grow, and expand from one another. It’s a place where I can say even my BOSS inspires greatness in our team. In fact, I’d like to thank him for teaching me that there is always an opportunity if I just reach out to grab it.

He made me realize that the only person who has the power to influence your future is yourself. You can have skill but if you don’t have the proper guidance to help you aim in the right direction, you won’t make it to the stars. Instead of telling me what to do he shows me. Instead of telling me how NOT to do it, he explains how it should be done. He doesn’t crush my growth but in fact, feeds it.

I am so proud to be a member of the CV team that I’d like to show everyone that it’s not all about being able to control your staff through fear but about encouraging great ideas and creating something beautiful with your team. This is unison and this is how you run a successful business. Not through fear but by earning respect.


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