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19 of October

to Boss vs. to Lead

By Alicia Brickey

From working in some of the most dreadful places, I feel I must describe my current position as the biggest blessing in my professional life thus far. I was given an opportunity; a chance. It’s a truly amazing feeling, but in all, the most important thing is feeling good enough. It’s great feeling like my opinion matters, not being demeaned on a daily basis, and that I’m valued as a person, not just a disposable employee. It’s unfortunate that most places don’t have basic human understanding when dealing with their employees. They cause conflict and even loss of employment due to employees taking sick days, time off for family emergency’s, and even discredit them time and pay they have rightfully worked for. J.K Rowling said, “If you want to see the measure of a man, watch how he treats his employees, not equals.” Working in family-owned businesses to even more corporate positions, I’ve experienced an array of bosses, but I have to say few to none have ever stepped up to be a leader. Only one has taken it above & beyond to mentorship.

We all have ambitions and goals, but a true leader can help us reach them. My mentor is a coach, a wise professional, leading by example, developing my skill set, and preparing my potential. He’s a cheerleader, constantly boosting my confidence so I can feel brave enough to cross boundaries. He’s also a challenger. Questioning my comfort zone in a way that makes me wonder why I needed a “comfort zone” to begin with. He is humble, honest, matches vision with action, understands and provides constructive feedback, and keeps in mind that a motivated workplace is happier, productive, and in the end more profitable. All in all, what does it mean to be a part of CV? It means you work with an awesome team of individuals, backed by an even more amazing support system. It means you’re beyond blessed.


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