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16 of May

The “Younger Generation”

By Rachael Markovic

My whole life I’ve been told what I can and can’t do because of my age. Limits have been set and expectations have been lowered.  For some reason, the older generations took on the belief that respect comes with age. But it’s my belief that respect should be earned and given despite of age.

Some may still say that a young person couldn’t possibly know what life is about but perhaps in my young years I’ve seen more than you may have  experienced in a lifetime.

I honestly believe that if I can carry myself like well-succeeded adult than why should I face the challenge of “being young.” In fact, why is “being young” such a bad thing? If anything being “young” allows me to be faster and more efficient in my prime years than others who may face difficulties with learning new things such as new technological advances.

So yeah, I’m young but look at where I’m at.

Look at what I am doing with my life.

Then look at yourself and tell me that I haven’t earned my place.

Stop looking at a person and choosing to define them by their age.

Instead of asking “how old are you?” Start asking the right questions like “Who are you?” and “What are you made of?”




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