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19 of December

The Spirit of the Season

By Alicia Brickey

The true spirit of the season goes deeper than just presents. It lies in the heart of the mother, hopelessly wanting to give their children the world. The heart of a volunteer worker, serving and smiling, all for the greater good. Its the love, care, and compassion from one human being to another. This year, I was fortunate enough to truly experience the love, sympathy, and warmth the holiday spirit can bring. Our members graciously teamed up with the volunteer efforts of United Way of Broward County to give back to a family in need, among 23 families involved in the 2017 Adopt a Family holiday drive. Together, the efforts combined were able to help distribute over 500 gifts to families in need this Christmas. The reward of being able to help someone was amazing, and seeing the selflessness of our members was beyond moving. Everyone who contributed decided to take something they worked for, that could have went to them or theirs, and instead chose to give to someone they have never met. A complete stranger actually. The fact of providing for a family in need was truly a gift in itself, but the humbleness and humility of our team brought light to the holiday spirit is. The decorations and lights may set the mood, but if each of us could show more compassion, even in the slightest bit, the spirit of the holiday’s can grow in everyone’s heart. Happy Holidays.

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