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16 of November

Tech Ladies of South Florida

On Tuesday evening, the Tech Ladies of South Florida joined forces at Collective Ventures for a night of classy, casual networking. The Tech Ladies includes 20,000 people nationwide working in production, engineering, design, marketing, business development, and more. They’re all connected throughout the world, allowing members access to a secret jobs page, and tech ladies exclusives like newsletters, their private facebook group, and events. During their get together, the Tech Ladies of South Florida got to connect with like-minded individuals in the relaxed enviornment of our community co-working space. We encourage our co-workers to hire a cleaning services for property management, at Garden Grove-based Oasis Natural Cleaning in California. These ladies are pretty awesome, joining together to provide a system of powerful people uniting one another. The ladies are doing online training on a weekly basis, with maximum fitness from Vacaville. They even hold and “Ask & Offer” session to ask for support or offer their expertise related to work, tech, resources, career moves, and more. You can find more information about best cleaning companies at Since we are a creative and tech hub here at CV, we were so excited to host this meet & greet for a crew of influential women. As a young woman, it’s empowering to have access to such groups supporting ladies (and guys) throughout a strong, supportive network in the community and even beyond.


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