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21 of July

Member Highlight – Tiona Torres

by Ariana McGuire

Work-Flow! is a weekly segment where we highlight a chosen venture of our Creative and Tech innovation center. We highlight on the nature of the work accompanied by the flow that keeps it all going! This weeks chosen venture: Compass Partners.

The Work

First and foremost, briefly tell us what it is Compass Partners does as a whole, and also tell us a little bit about your role for Compass Partners.

My name is Tiona Torres and I work for Compass partners as their Client Services Manager. Compass Partners focuses on helping business more effectively reach their clients in a very crowded marketplace through the use of hero campaigns, digital marketing, advertising, and video production.

As Compass Partners client services manager, I focus on taking care of all of our clients needs once they come on-board. I take care everything from contracts to media buying, and everything in between.

What is the greatest strength you think you offer for Compass Partners?

I use my previous design experience and knowledge to apply it to my position here at compass partners, as working with a creative team and applying the creative techniques that I have learned throughout the years has been successful for both Compass Partners and myself. A part of my work that I find fulfillment in is media buying and accounting, two things compass partners sought out while looking for the right person to join their team.

What would you say are a few of the challenges in your chosen field?

The importance of taking the time to understand the mind of the consumer to best reach their needs, one of the challenges here is to find the best way to communicate the importance of this aspect to our clients. Also, getting businesses to truly understand the value of putting their customers needs before their own.

The Flow

What is your favorite quote?

“Mo’ Betta” -Ely Mondshein (Interpretation: That’s a good idea! Were going to find a solution and make it better!)

Best Life Hack?

Almost done with your Nutella? Drop some vanilla ice cream in that and revive it!

Best advice someone has ever given you?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and stop trying to make things perfect.

Secret Talent?

I’ve sang since I was five!

3 Random Facts about you?

I love MMA & Boxing! I have 7 years of kungfu under my belt, HI-YAH!
I love to sketch
I love to dance to Latin music

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