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8 of December

Entrepreneurs Overcoming Failure

By Alicia Brickey

On Wednesday night, Collected Ventures partnered with 305 ELab to host a fun, enlightening night focused on the local entrepreneur. Two female forces Erika Obando and Ro Ferrelli opened up about a crucial topic all entrepreneurs face: Failure, and how to overcome it. They shared their personal stories, and how their journey & experiences with failure helped transform them into the successful, professional women they are today.

For entrepreneurs, there’s no such thing as a smooth path to success. When comparing stories, you notice feelings of emptyness. People in search of something missing from within. Ro described this feeling as an “undenying inner knowing” that compelled her to find her purpose. This lead her on a whirlwind of life transformation. When these inner beings are awakened, the individual can take the step in the path of change and entrepreneurship. Letting go of the wheel when they came to the realization that they are on the journey, they were just trying to over correct. Discovering what it takes, when they followed their heart and intuition, was when they were really able to grasp the purpose of their lives. Of course this may not be as easy as it sounds. There will be times you’ll fall to the ground, but it’s your choice to pick yourself back up again. After all, the one who falls and gets up is a lot stronger than one who doesn’t fall at all.  The power of vulnerability & failure come from perseverance.

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