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12 of December

Dear Entrepreneurs…

By Alicia Brickey

Dear dreamer—

Hi, it’s me. All you want in life. By day, your passion burns for me, but our nights together are nothing but complicated. You toss and turn in excitement dreaming about our growth, climbing through hurdles,  and taking over the world. Other nights are sleepless, exhausting, when you want nothing more but to give up and take the easy route. But you never do. You’re tirelessly working, dreaming, contemplating, and achieving. Continuously building us up when sometimes all I do is make you fall. Thank you for that. Thank you for not waiting for someone else’s permission. For thinking, speaking, and doing all to give us purpose. You’ve changed your life because you care so much about me. You launch ideas from the heart to make us become more and more. You allow possibility to feed your soul, while embracing failure alongside success. As we fail and succeed, you keep our values front and center. When you doubt yourself, remember why it matters to you, and that it doesn’t have to matter to everyone. Thank you for never allowing fear to get in your way. You put all your time, effort, energy, and above all, faith into us. All your hard work will pay off. I know things can get complicated, but please, never give up.


your dreams

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