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15 of January

Coffee is Life

Published by Alicia Brickey

         O             L
           F     I      I
            F      S      F
             E              E 
Oh saccharriferous nectar of the gods. 
You never disappoint. Not once has your
sweet disposition failed to fancy  my     yen.
Your  Holy  Aroma  fills  my  nostrils     like
The halls of a school after the bells      ring
With unparalleled  goodness,    and a        zest
To live for. Where  would I  be with          out
Such  Divine,   Bronzed,    Browned          and
Brazen allure? The first sip is like        jump-
ing into a pool of liquid diamonds or       like
Running your fingers across gaseous       gold.
I await every morning with pleasant.     eager-
ness. Only for you to grace me with  ardor.

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