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29 of March

Café Jamz

By Rachael Markovic


Music is a world unto itself. Where words fail… the music speaks.

Music helps us say what we feel by allowing an artist to fill the silence with their story. It allows the rest of us to connect to each other’s love or pain all while bringing us closer together.

A good tune can wash away the day’s residue and replace it with a burst of joy & calm. Some of us just need to find a place where this kind of energy still exists. And that is where one of our favorite events comes to mind. Our monthly music session called  “Cafe Jamz.”

Collective Ventures was proud to host the second jam this year! With 15 local artists in the house, our space lit up. Genres from opera, folk, ballads, theater, and hip-hop amplified the space and allowed every soul to make a connection all because of the music. The musical passion could barely be contained between our walls as the sound of the local artists poured into the streets. We were joined by members of our community who now have a stronger bond with our space.

The talent in our community is truly astounding. Only here, at Cafe Jamz will you hear it live and in person. Check it out at Collective Ventures & Cafe Collective every 4th Thursday of the month.

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