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10 of October

Attract joy, love, and prosperity with gratitude

By Alicia Brickey

Most Entrepreneurs are naturally ambitious, meaning we want more, and are always on the hunt for what’s missing in our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in our ambitious nature, and become, not quite selfish, but seeking self improvement. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better ourselves, at times, I find myself in a rut of “What am i lacking?”. In moments like this, I must remind myself to remain grateful. In her article titled, “Gratitude Challenge: How to Count Your Blessings”, yoga instructor Katherine Smith elaborates on her study in gradititude. Every week while living and working at a yoga retreat, Katherine was confronted by individuals troubled by everyday “human” issues, searching to regain their strength, spirit, and passion. At the end of her class, she asked her students what they “got” to do in their daily lives, and had them elaborate on everydays tasks in a way that would change their thinking of things they “had” to do.

Here are some responses she got that brought about the awareness of counting blessings:
-“I got to take a shower in warm, clean water and dry myself with a soft, fluffy towel.”

-“I got to make lunch with fresh, healthy produce purchased from my local grocer. My grocer always has a smile for me.”

-“I got to do yoga today. I moved my arms, my legs, and was able to experience by body.”

So, how do we get back to being grateful? Being a determined individual, it’s almost like we’re “pre-programmed to strive for more”; to always be better, have better, and do better. We forget to appreciate what really matters. What if we took the time every day to count our blessings? How would this impact our daily lives?

Try these simple yet effective ways Katherine offers to be great and grateful:

-Do everything with your full attention.
Whether it’s taking a shower, or driving to work, commit to it with your full presence.

-Remember the bad.
It’s helpful to remember to the hard times you’ve once experienced to be grateful in your current state. Once we remember how difficult life used to be and how fav we’ve come, its easy to see all the things we’re taking for granted.

-Enjoy the simple pleasures.
Look for the positives in any situation and find pleasure in all that you do. (Especially your passion)

-Quit the “ill be happy when’s..”
Be happy now! Happiness a choice, not an achievement. Make it your choice to see beyond the negatives.

-Count your blessings
Before you go to sleep, call to mind three or four things you can be grateful for. With everyday, try to think of something you haven’t thought on before.

-Visit a children’s hospital
You may experience a much clearer focus than you ever have before. simply put, the kids and their parents have real problems and the vast majority of our “problems” are not really problems at all; at least not when you place them in their proper perspective.

Think of it like this:

“You don’t ‘have to’ go to the office supply store, you ‘get to’ go and purchase all that your business needs to grow and thrive. You don’t ‘have to’ stay late at the office to complete your assignment, you ‘get to; use your brain in creative ways that allow you to shine bright within your industry.”

Recognition of the small things is often overlooked. It’s important to get back to basics when we feel our lives are lacking, to really see the perspective of the gifts life has to offer us. Everyday is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more.” – Melody Beattie

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