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27 of September

Advice for the not-so-average-millennial

By Alicia Brickey

Anyone with a taste of the real world will tell you success doesn’t come easy. Especially in a world with a clear stigma toward millennials, it may not always be easy to disassociate yourself from the broad generalizations. It’s hard being a young entrepreneur in the era of “work-loathing, iPhone loving, selfie-savoring” millennials, as one blogger describes. Don’t fear. There’s more than enough room to stand apart from the negative connotations brought on by our generation.

Morris Laloshi, CEO of SEO Guys, Inc, is a wonderful image of what young, successful entrepreneurs should strive to be. The best advice offered to me by Mr. Laloshi himself on avoiding the “millennial plague”, is to ignore the stigma. Don’t focus on what others think you can do, focus on what you know you can succeed. Yes, it may be easier said than done, but looking closely at what successful millennials have in common is a great way to form your own great habits for success.
Start with the basics. Believe in yourself. Know your own potential, and trust yourself enough to take risks, even when those around you think its wrong to do so. Next, take the road less traveled. The difference between any young person and a young entrepreneur is mentality. Most people can see and idea and think, “I could probably do that”, when on the other hand, the successful entrepreneur’s thinking is already down an alternate path. It’s completely unique & different, going against the grain. Another habit to form, is learning the importance of setting clear goals. With one of the main stigma around being a millennial is that we’re prone to distraction, besides helping us stay motivated, goals keep us focused. Once we have something to lock in on, it helps us set mental boundaries for any distractions that could get in our way. Stay goal oriented, with one main goal always in mind: Success. Stay humble, but confident. In order to be successful in anything, one must obtain a level of confidence. Yet once goals are met or success is obtained, we must not confuse this with arrogance. Confidence comes from within- a place of true self-assurance. Arrogance stems from the conceited thought of self-importance. The slight difference between the two is humility. Morris gave this quote to perfectly describe his entrepreneurial mindset: “Cocky in prediction, confident in preparation, humble in victory and defeat.”
Lastly, realize the importance of mentorship. Generally, our generation is frequently looking for purpose in our work and life. This is where the importance of a mentor comes into play. Mentors increase motivation and accountability, identify areas of an individual that may need work, and help amplify our path to success. Morris Laloshi, CEO mentioned above, explains how mentorship has not only helped him in business, but in many other aspects of his life. A mentor is there to lead by example, so your job is to take each life lesson they share, and apply it with thought to your own life. Only then, will you able to fully grasp what the purpose of their mentorship is. It may be hard to accept the truth of their advice, but in the end, these mentors are in our life for a reason, so you must take what they say and apply it uniquely to your life. Remember; success is a mindset and the result of daily habits that sculpt you into the person you want to be.

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