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Living Life to The Fullest

Today one of my child hood friends is going through an outpatient procedure to have a port implanted into her body. For those who don’t know what that is, because I didn’t. “A port is a small disc made of plastic or metal about the size of a quarter that sits just under the skin. A soft thin tube called a catheter connects the port to a large vein. Your chemotherapy medicines are given through a special needle that fits right into the port.” I woke up this morning with her on my mind, knowing that she is going to begin a year that will change her life forever.

My friend is only 28 and once the area where the port is being implanted is healed she will start receiving chemo therapy treatments. The fight for her life is more poignant than ever, as well; as the support and love she is receiving from her friends and family. Within this heart wrenching experience, it makes me realize that you can’t sweat the small stuff. Life is a fickle and fragile thing and all the money and success in the world means nothing if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it. This may not reach the eyes of many, but if you’re reading this keep in mind that life is uncertain, we don’t know what tomorrow brings so wake up and take charge of your life. Go for what you want and don’t hold back because we are given one life, and to live it only half way would be a tragedy greater than any Shakespeare play.

I know that being personal like this contains a level of vulnerability that many would avoid, especially in the work place. BUT this is life! We can’t always veil our emotions. I’ve also been taught as an actor to hold things in can only do your body and mind a disservice. If something can help you go and do it. For me it’s writing, but it could be anything for anyone like cooking, eating, taking a kick boxing class or watching some Game of Thrones… JUST GO AND DO IT!! You will feel so much better and when you feel better, you work better. You work to live; you don’t live to work. Don’t forget the incredible world that surrounds you, appreciate it, and the ones that make it special.

I am keeping in mind today anyone and everyone out in the world that is fighting for their health and life. I send out my deepest condolences for the families that have had to go through something such as cancer or any other life consuming diseases. To those who have survived, and now are lucky to be living life to the fullest, and then setting an example for future generations, thank you for your bravery. May life be long, happy and healthy for you.

Hope and faith are very powerful forces that I am using to stay positive and strong for my friend.  I want to thank you for letting me share. As this blog post comes to an end I just received a message from her boyfriend letting our group of friends know that her procedure went well and she is ok!  As I said before this will be the hardest year of her life, but I know she will come out of it stronger than ever. This woman reminds me that you must stay positive in life. For when your positive you will attract positive forces to come your way.