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Collaborative Impact Group

At Collaborative Impact Group, we exist to merge intersections of collaboration.

As advocates for action, we will partner with you to:

- Deepen the engagement with your current audiences.
- Identify and attract new audiences.
- Reinforce your organizational capacity.
- Develop fundraising campaigns.
- Create sponsorship packages.
- Facilitate board meetings.
- Formulate strategies for growth & more.

By connecting givers with a cause they are passionately engaged with, we create a network of inspired change agents, motivated to improve the communities where they live, work and serve.

We believe that collaborative currency is the greatest tool to leverage time, talent and treasure into a legacy of impact.

Whether you are a non-profit working on the front lines, or an organization searching for causes to support, Collaborative Impact Group is the right partner for you. If you believe that collaboration is the key to mutual fulfillment, and the foundation for legacy building, let us design a path to get you there.


Tracy Taylor Karen Prescod



Our Team

  • Tracey Taylor
    Principal & Chief Advocacy Agent

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