A place where brilliant minds can come and expand from one another.


The Innovation Center is home to ~24 unique companies that are both creative and technologically based services.

The Creative & Tech Innovation Center has 3 main components;
  • The community coworking space and cafe
  • The business innovation center
  • The startup accelerator
The Community Co-Working space is a creatively driven place where we encourage any individual to feel free to come and work at no cost. We hope to inspire greatness through our art and our works. Not only is it a place of inspiration but it is a great place to network and "work-from-home," without the lovely distractions of actually being home along with a delicious cup of coffee from Cafe Collective. With a secure and strong network, our space can even become a common space for local students to study at no cost.  If you have a private conference call or business meeting that you'd like to take into a quieter and more private meeting space, we offer 7 different conference rooms for rent at different hourly rates. Each room is set-up uniquely to provide different presentational tools. We have anything from a meeting room to an executive conference room. Please reserve ahead of time! The Space will always be engaging with the community by hosting all kinds of fun events!
  • movie nights
  • karaoke night
  • after hours
  • business seminars
  • talks
The Space

There will be no overlap in companies, this way you know who to share your lead with.

We have some companies already Selected, and for some others, several Applicants. We want the best of the best, and the ones that can fit our culture in the space.

  • 1. The ability to participate in venture rounds with startups. Exchange your talents for equity in a new business.
  • 2. With ~24 unique companies in the space, it is encouraged that we share leads and referrals with each other.
  • 3. We have over 16 Cameras in the location to ensure the safety of our guests, and their possessions.
  • 4. Single seat companies receive 8 uses per month, and Offices receive 16 uses per month unless otherwise discussed. This is a $200-$500 monthly value that most other co-working or executive office spaces do not provide.
  • 5. A community Secretary/Concierge will provide you an inviting face or voice for your clients.
  • 6. Hours will be from 6AM to 10PM, which is subject to change. You will have 24/7 access with codes to enter space.
  • 7. We have 70 parking spaces alloted to our group, out of 110 commercial spaces. They are however first come first serve. This is a $300+ monthly value for the City of Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • 8. You will have access to 2 commercial printers. 100 B&W or 50 color prints are included each month. They are then billed at a rate of: B&W $0.10 / Color $0.20.
  • 9. Fresh Coffee is included for free everyday.
  • 10. Some snacks and refreshments will be included from time to time.
  • 11. Members will receive a 20% discount on all food and beverages purchased from the Cafe.

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